Tokyo is huge, bustling, full, colourful, loud, shrill...
...but Tokyo can also be small, cozy, homey, calmative and very, very mouth-watering! In most of the common tourist guides you can find information about temples, luxurious hotels or traditional restaurants. But the modern Tokyo has a lot more to offer, especially to young poeple.

For example tiny cafés which were created with a lot of love for details and an enormous grasp for design. Oases of calmness in the middle of this vibrant metropolis. Cafés which you cannot only order delicious food but also see artworks or buy lovely hand made souvenirs. The perfect places to make a break of a shopping marathon, cool down the swallen feet and talk about the impressions you recently gained while sipping a nice cup of coffee.

People in Tokyo seem to really be into cheesecake what let find this cake on almost every single menu. So what can be more suitable than a ranking in „cheesecake-scores“?!
The score reaches from one piece of cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake (as the worst) to five pieces
Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake (as the best). This score and a short comment complete the discription of each café on every page.

if you click on „walks“ you can find proposals for a nice day in different areas of Tokyo. It‘s easy to spend a whole day in one single café, but it‘s also easy to spend a whole day in a few cafés and stop by a small gallery or look through nice little shops on the way from one to the other. All this you can find here!


P.S.: If you particulary liked a place, found out that a café or shop doesn‘t exist anymore or found a fantastic café by yourself which you think should be placed here, I'll be happy if you write a mail.