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UME 1913

UME 1913
A tiny, little café which its owner only opens on weekends. You can see how she put a lot of love for details in the cafés design and in the assortment of handcrafted goods she sells on the café tables and in the shelves. Also handmade are the cakes which are absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately the café is so tiny that only around 6 people can sit there, which makes it unusually quiet and a little bit uncozy. To not disturb your neighbours you automatically start whispering. Nevertheless, if you come to that area on weekends, the Ume 193 is definitely worth a visit! Menu unfortunately only inJapanese.
Map Address Sendagi 5-38-6, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 東京都文京区千駄木5-38-6
Opening Sa and Su 12.45-18.30h
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Way Honkomagome (Nanboku Line), Sendagi (Chiyoda Line)
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