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A fairytale-like, wooden and colouful small house very close to the Inokashira park is the is the home of the Café du lièvre. It‘s a french style, romantic place created with a lot of white painted wood, diverse small and old tables and big windows which allow a great view into the park and the people walking by. The speciality is Galettes in a lot of different and tasty variations. Also you can find a large offer of lose herb teas which are served in quite a big mug and come together with a very interesting dosing feeder for honey. A really adorable place and the perfect completion for a day in that wonderful park. Menu in English available.
Map Address Tokyo, Musashinoshi, Gotenyama 1-19-43 東京都武蔵野市御殿山1-19-43
Opening daily 11am - 7.30pm
Mail 0422-43-0015
Way Kichijoji (Inokashira-, Chuoline) ca. 20min
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