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Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake tasty macha fondue


If you want to make a short break while strolling through the small streets of the terrific Gion, the traditional quarter in the heart of Kyoto, the Jouvencelle is definitely the best place to do that! Honestly, here, you HAVE to order the Macha-Chocolate-Fondue. I‘ve never seen someting like that on any other menu in Japan. Only the appearane itself is worth ordering it. But fortunately the taste is as good the appearance! Fresh fruits, tiny pieces of cake, marons and Japanese sweets like Mochi and similiar things with really interesting flavours come in a 2 story porcellain set. After having dipped all these little somethings into the delicious Macha-creme and eaten them, they will bring you hot milk to pour it into the rest of the creme, so that you can have a hot chocolate as completion. Simply amazing!
Map Address Higashiyama-ku, Yasakatoriimae Minamiiru, Kiyoi-cho 482 Kyoban Bldg 2F 京都市東山区八坂鳥居前南入清井町482 京ばんビル2F
Mail +81-75-551-1511
Way Bus stop Gion
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